And so a Drawing! (1994)

(manuscript, Maj 1994. The text was published in the exhibition catalog: Maria Pinińska-Bereś 1931-1999, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Kraków 1999)


It has always accompanied me. It came into being in passing, on whatever there was. On envelopes, on the edge of the newspaper. It did not arise as art. It was the registering of thoughts, sudden conceptions, or its elaboration. It arose also as an act of relaxation or the note of dreams or erotic fantasies.

Most often it ended in the bin. Whole heaps of “scribblings”, as my tutors referred to them. A critic once found me during the furtive removal of this creative mess from the field of view, saved from being thrown out and exhibited.

And so the jotting down of a conception, its transformation right to a pleasing stage which allows for the use of materials and the creation of a sculpture.

Objects exist which could be defined as a certain form of drawing in space. Like a river seen from a bird’s eye position, or the same on a map marked out with letters. Its arrangement is equally as precise as a drawing. Arising at an exhibition, always anew.

May 1994

Translated by “Inter-text Translation”

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