Landscape Annexation, 1980

jesień 1980,
Plein-air art meeting "Miastko 80",
Świeszyno near Miastka

artist’s commentary:

I exit the retreat center premises, leading a group of participants. Dressed in pink clothes, I carry a pink author’s standard. I walk for about 15 minutes across rolling fields until I reach a hill that I had surrounded with a white fence. The terrain is grassy, with many glacial stones. I enter the fenced-off area, climb to the top of the hill, and put up the standard.

Then, loading a brush with pink paint from a transparent container that I carry on my chest, I start marking the stones. This is a non-durable paint. I work methodically, moving gradually downhill. This goes on for about 15 minutes. Finally, I hang a dated and signed “museum label” with the caption (in Polish), “Area (Temporarily) Annexed”, on the fence. The installation remains in place until sun and rain cause the paint to disappear from the stones.

Maria Pinińska-Bereś, action descriptions no. 5, manuscript, ca. 1995
Maria Pinińska-Bereś, “Akcje” (action descriptions no. 6), manuscript, ca. 1995

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