Soap Bubbles, 1979

Autumn 1979,
Plein-air art meeting "Miastko 79",
Świeszyno near Miastko


In Świeszyno in the Słupsk province, in a small hollow between hills, I built an installation. White posts and a thick white rope fence off a large white trapezoid quilt. A tall pink flag has been stuck in it. A small label saying “bańki mydlane” [soap bubbles], dated and signed, hangs on the fence. Wearing a long white dress, I lie down on the quilt, and half-reclining, I blow soap bubbles – a symbol of my art, of its fragility and impermanence. I end the performance by blowing air back into the soapy water, so that it spills on the quilt. The idea was also to symbolize ephemeral art.

Maria Pinińska-Bereś, action descriptions no. 2, manuscript, after 1980
Maria Pinińska-Bereś, “Akcje” (action descriptions no. 6), manuscript, ca. 1995

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