Creative Act I (1968)

(The manifesto was propably written in late 1967. It was constantly read aloud during the Jerzy Bere’ actions Prophecy I (Warsaw, Foksal Gallery, January 6, 1968) as well as Prophecy II (Krak6w, Krzysztofory Gallery, March 1, 1968); [ printed in:] Towards the Present. European Performance Art Festival, Ośrodek Sztuki Peroformace Centrum Kultury, Lublin 2004)




independent work – an action

a permanent trace

these are the elements of a creative fact

each form of assuming an attitude towards the existing reality

is its constituent

an apotheosis – a rebellion – others

an authentic creative fact belongs to a new future


an independent action

of a clearly defined character can guarantee the initiation of a conscious creative fact

in fine arts the conception of an artwork as an ideal product


the divinity of an act of creation –

a creator became a slave

production is justified practically

a cult for a product

sometimes dressed in high contents

a monument – a space ship – a religious image is idolatry

a way of honoring

true creative facts

in art and science

is an evidence of the society’s culture

a sum of facts is a creator’s value professional qualifications

as well as a market position

is usurping

true creativity can be accepted actively by discovering

a consumer attitude – passive

belongs to the sphere of production


Jerzy Bereś, January 1968


Translated by M. Sady

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