From Letters to Myself (1994)

(manuscript, Maj 1994. The text was published in the exhibition catalog: Maria Pinińska-Bereś 1931-1999, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Kraków 1999)


Dear M.

So many questions and doubts. That’s as fa as the results of our way. Where is it leading? I everybody happy? Often the most important is lost and therefore art.

Can anything be called art?

Once revolt was concerned with the strong consolidated academic formation. Today the situation is different. Yet the behaviour remains as if the situation was the same. In the revolutionaries’ camp there has formed a new academicity. It is resistant to all gestures known to us, because it emerged from our formation. So the attitude of total destruction is blossoming for us as the only road of escalation.

I think that it is an indication of the lost defeat. Not with that traditional academicity, simply with the indication of the self-liquidation of art. In whose name is this self-liquidation? Surely in the name of artists’ riotous appetites, whose hand has never trembled before the delivery of the final blow. For possible if the attitude of love towards art and an unconditional attitude, paying attention simply to the spectacular gains (lack of responsibility). Is art awaiting defeat?

I am searching for those few who desire to rescue art, then one may still without total consciousness, with the very instinct of art, that has not been lost in one.

Your M.

May, 1994

Translated by “Inter-text Translation”

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