S-cores (1997)

(manuscript, Ochotnica Górna 1997. The text was published in the exhibition catalog: Maria Pinińska-Bereś 1931-1999, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Kraków 1999)


The first two S-cores came about already at the beginning of the 1970s; S-core (rubbish) in 1973. On a metal music stand was situated a record of a significantly false perspective, and on this various paper forms. One was a rolled up tower, as if the precursor in relation to the later Towers rolled from sponge. This work because of its fragility did not survive. It was exhibited at the Cracow meetings, then later, the winter of 1973, at an individual exhibition in the Contemporary Gallery in Warsaw.

The next arose in 1974 — this being S-core (with tail) — already as a sponge book. Initially pinky – white, it was subsequently painted brown with pink.

S-cores appeared again only in the 1990s. I value the phenomenon of this concept, and also perceive the possibilities it contains.

I consider S-cores to be a certain discovery. There occurred a collision of the word transporting content with the object. S-cores are brownie-pink, as pinky-white. They may stand alone, as equally be presented as several, or — as lately in the Starmach Gallery in Węgierska street — presented in their entirety. In a way similar to Windows they are economical, while their influence as I perceived is huge. Windows and S-cores create a exhibitional set complementing each other.



Translation by “Inter-Text Translation”.

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