Windows … and (1992)

(The text was published i exhibition catalogue: Maria Pinińska-Bereś, Starmach Gallery, Cracow 1992)



A window is to observe exteriors, to open up to the world.

Sometimes it is to close down for the world.

It enables also to look inside.

Sometimes it is made surreptitiously, looking inside is improper,

it is against standards.

But the art, is it to expose, or to close down?

And is it to establish limitations, or is it to contravene them?

How much it discovers?

How far contemporary art enables to look inside?

To what extent we are giving ourselves to our recipients?

Critics try to decipher us, to say something about us. Sometimes there are close, then we speak to ourselves warm, warm… Some other time we wonder on their statements, it happens, that they help us to know ourselves better.

There are tracts and opinions on our art, about a piece of us, which are important, to which we come back or which give us a joy.

The joy so unique, beside the moment of creation.

“Windows” were created on margins of my creative work. I have been thinking how marginal are they.

Sometime ago “Existenaria” were same way marginal, and later it has appeared, how important element of my work they were. And both of them, the first and the second ones, have the best chances to last.

In contrary to main stream of my art, which in its substance is ephemeral and caries and a drama of impermanence.


Kraków, 1.IX.1992

Translated by Grzegorz Tusiewicz

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