Laundry II

8 IX 1981

Osieki near Koszalin
action performed as part of the 19th Meeting of Artists, Scientists and Art Theoreticians: Rhythm of Time, Rhythm of Art, Rhythm of Generations (3-17 IX 1981)

Maria Pinińska-Bereś:


Various comments meant that Laundry attracted the interest of some of the retreat’s participants, so I decided to present the performance in a different scenery. The Author’s Standard, stuck in the ground, fluttered in the wind. Old tin washtubs inside. The course of the performance was similar, though it was disturbed by an intervention of the Łódź Kaliska members who threw their dirty linen into the tub. Still, I proceed as planned and the letters arrange themselves into the word “feminism.” This time the laundry dries picturesquely in the sun all day in the Osieki park.














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